First Paralax




Place your phone flat in a fixture on the bike


Shows your cadence live to help you train efficient


Shows your live session graph for the last 3 minutes


Detailed session history with zone distribution


For several years’ smartphone training apps has been considered inferior to sports watches and separate sensors. It is Motosumo’s dedicated mission to turn that relationship upside down. We want to inspire people to train intelligently by making it easy. Smartphones hold enormous potential for advanced sports analysis and coaching with their superior motion sensors, processor power, data access, and screen and audio for coaching. Motosumo is unlocking that potential using our background in professional sports analysis.

The fitness trend appears to be all about wearables and gadgets. Many of these are great, but it leaves a big group of everyday athletes without the ‘luxury’ to train more intelligently with the advanced analysis offered by separate motion sensors. There is simply an activation barrier due to pricing and inconvenient use/installation.

Motosumo has over the last three years developed one of the leading gait analysis systems based on body mounted inertial sensors. The system is based on advanced sensor data analysis and modeling of motion physics. For the last two years it has spread to universities, training camps, high end sports outlets, physiotherapists, test centers and elite athletes. We are now transforming our patent pending technology to a consumer product by moving the entire concept to smartphones – being the first in the sports industry to really take advantage of the increasingly accurate inertial sensors of these phones.

With the number of smartphone users worldwide expected to surpass 2 billion in 2016 and with a massive market in sight Motosumo has attracted SEED Capital Denmark, who was also the first institutional investor in fitness-app Endomondo, which was last year sold to Under Armour for 85 million U.S. dollars.
Motosumo – We are motion!



“We feel that everyone should be able to train intelligently and to reach their full potential. We have used our mathematical modelling skills as well as our insights into how elite athletes train to build something that makes the average athlete capable of going from good to great without having to rely on super expensive hardware and professional trainers. Take spinning for example, the phone is placed on the handlebars of the bike and instantly the app shows your cadence (pedal revolutions per minute). Previously, this was reserved the lucky ones, getting a hold of one of the special bikes, that the fitness chains pay almost twice as much to get. Now anyone with a smartphone can join in” Says,



”What I really like about MOTOSUMO is that they have managed to build a sports app with an intelligent layer on top. These guys are experts when it comes to processing data and making sense of it. MOTOSUMO introduce new and more intuitive ways of visualising data for improved understanding. The algorithm they have developed has great potential for allowing all people to train intelligently in all sorts of ways. Gadgets are everywhere, but here the user can get it all without the hassle and hardware costs.” Says,





Motosumo was founded by a team of highly competent engineers and physicists with a proven track record within mathematical modelling along with a pro triathlete and marketing specialist. Our team of scientists has developed advanced sensor algorithms for sports analysis at universities, test centres, and training camps since 2012. Now we engage app developers and designers to transfer our technology to your phone. We are on a pursuit to democratize advanced training tools and create a convenient and elegant way for you to make the most of your training.